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Dublin Roundtable Discussion On Donor Relationship Development

The European Association for Philanthropy & Giving (EAPG) is hosting a timely roundtable discussion in Dublin on the 18 May. The discussion will focus on the role that wealth advisers play in the development of strong relationships with donors, espcially in the context of the current recession.

Fundraising Survey Results Published

As many fundraisers will already have spotted, the Public Communcations Centre (PCC) recently carried out a “reality check” survey on the state of fundraising in Ireland. The results, whilst not scientific, do indeed make for interesting reading…

Local Fundraisers Raise €75,000 for Cancer Care Unit

A cheque for €75,000 is to be presented to the head of the Symptomatic Breast Cancer Care Unit in the Mid-West Regional Hospital at a special Ball this May.

LIFE+ Funding Information Workshop

The European Commission, in conjunction with Stella Consulting and MWH, are organising an information workshop on the LIFE+ Programme in Ireland.

New Report Outlines Major Fundraising Challenge to Charities During Recession

While most sectors of the economy are suffering a downturn in sales of products and services, Irish charities are experiencing a significant surge in demand. A new report from the Centre for Nonprofit Management in Trinity College Dublin paints a gloomy picture of charities' expectations for 2009, regarding both demand on their services and projected income.

New Community Transport Fund Opens for Applications

The Department of Transport has announced details of a new SmarterTravel Project Fund, which provides funding opportunities to Irish community and voluntary groups involved in the development of sustainable transport initiatives.

Times are Tough for Charities, but Some are Still Flying High

Talk to anybody connected to Ireland's voluntary organisations and charities, and they will tell you that times are tough. There is no shortage of volunteers as unemployment increases, but donations are harder to come by. The amount given is falling at a time when the funds may be sorely needed.

Amnesty Launches Campaign to Tackle Underfunding to Irish Mental Health Services

Amnesty has launched a major campaign to address the underfunding of mental health services in Ireland and to convince the Irish Government to be more transparent about how it allocates funding to this area.

Another Irish Charity Faces Funding Crisis

Another Irish charity involved in the delivery of crucial frontline services to vulnerable people has announced that it is facing a serious financial crisis following recent cuts in government funding and a drop in fundraising income.

Survey Reveals Growing Gap In Charities' Finances

A survey conducted by The Wheel to measure the effects of the recession on community and voluntary organisations, has revealed a drop in organisations' statutory funding and other sources of income, during the first six months of 2009.