Regulation & Transparency in Fundraising

Mandatory Actions for Your Non-profit

  • Register in full with the Charities Regulatory Authority: under the Charity Act 2009, this is now a legal requirement for all Irish non-profits. Learn more here.
  • Adhere to Lobbying Legislation: make sure you are in compliance with the new legislation regulating lobbying in Ireland, including lobbying conducted by Irish charities / non-profits. Learn more about whether your charities is affected by taking the 3-step test here.

Additional Things You Can Do Today

  • Publish Your Accounts: you can immediately demonstrate your transparency by ensuring that your organisation has published its annual accounts in an accessible and clear way on your website, or through other means accessible to the public.
  • Provide Transparency on Salaries: charities should be transparent about the salaries of senior executives through the standard set in this regard by the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), which calls for the reporting in annual accounts of all salaries over €70,000 in bands of €10,000. Your organisation should also strive to provide a timely and comprehensive response to any salary or spending related query received.

Bigger Picture Steps You Can Take

  • Sign Up to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising: developed as a best practice code for Irish fundraisers, the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising provides a series of guidelines, factsheets and templates relating to various aspects of fundraising. Signing up to the Statement will assist your organisation in adhering to the very best in international fundraising standards, while also giving confidence to potential donors when it comes to backing your organisation. Read more about the Statement of Guiding Principles here.
  • Sign Up for the Governance Code: the Governance Code is a Code of Practice for the good governance of community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland. Although not exclusively relating to fundraising, the Governance Code nevertheless has been created to foster the best possible practice across the entire spectrum of the Irish community and voluntary sector and its adoption will inevitably impact positiviely upon fundraising activities too (through enhanced emphasis on transparency, reduction of costs and reassuring funders through good day-to-day management). Read more about the Governance Code here.


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