Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Below you will find a veritable selection box full of suggestions and ideas for raising some extra funds for your organisation this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Wrapping

If your fundraising is on a smaller scale, offer gift wrapping services for your friends, family and work colleagues in exchange for a €5 donation. If your charity efforts are most substantial, arrange a group of volunteers and canvass your local Tescos etc to see if they will let you set up a gift-wrapping table where shoppers donate in return for wrapping their store-bought items. Keep in mind that gift wrap fundraisers have little overhead cost—especially when many stores will donate the gift wrap to charitable organisations. Just make sure your volunteer wrappers know how to wrap!

Homemade Gift Tags

This can be directly tied into the gift-wrapping fundraiser above. Make your own gift tags from stencils or stickers and charge €1 per tag. Paint them with nice, but simple Christmas scenes.

Homemade Christmas Cards

For those on the tightest of budgets, consider visiting a craft store for holiday stencils and colors for a holiday card made with love. Sell them individually or in a collection.

Hold a Christmas Bake Sale

Everyone enjoys bake sale goodies. The holidays are no exception. Festively decorated chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread men, iced buns and more fill people’s tummies and hearts with holiday goodness.

Paint a Holiday Scene

Round up your group of willing and amateur artists and visit your local business to offer window painting. Popular Christmas phrases or scenes look great on shop windows/doors during the winter season.

Christmas Decorating

Again, find another way to offer your crafty services to local businesses that need help with Christmas decorations. Many businesses don’t have time to decorate themselves, and the good thing about that is they don’t mind paying a little extra money for your help. Enlist a group of volunteers to canvass the neighborhood and sign up local businesses for decorating. Then send in your décor group for the main event, and you can even offer to return and clean up when the holidays are over. You could even try working out a deal in which goods/products, rather than cash, is exchanged in return for your efforts.

Christmas Decorations

Most families with young children have a box or two of old Christmas ornaments tucked away in the attic. Have group of volunteers collect donated decorations, then fix them up and resell them at a Christmas craft shows or in your charity shop.

Say Hello to Santa

What's better than spending some face-time with the old Saint Nicholas himself. Offer a few Meet with Santa opportunities at local community halls and schools, then sell €5 to €10 entry fees (plus a present for a child).

Offer Christmas Carol-grams

Community members can send a little holiday musical spirit to family and friends while also supporting a good cause. You don’t have to be a professionally-trained vocalist to spread the joy of the season; if you dress festively and have fun, the carol recipient is sure to enjoy your performance.

Christmas Catalogue Merchandise

Explore the possibility of producing a Christmas gifts catalogue for your organisation. Source affordable merchandise (with branding) that you think may be of interest to your supporters. Alternatively, create a calendar for the Christmas season.