Charity Raffles

Charity Raffle Prize Limits

There is a cap on the prize money for once-off raffles of €3,800, raised from £300 by Statutory Instrument No. 72 of 1987, following the Review of the Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956-86 .  A copy of the Act, with its revisions, is included in the review document.

The Act now states:

27.-(1) A Superintendent of the Garda Síochána, on the application of any person residing in his district, may issue a permit for the promotion of a lottery in accordance with this section.

(2) The lottery shall comply with the following conditions:-

  • (a) the permit-holder shall derive no personal profit from the lottery;

  • (b) the total value of the prizes shall be not more than three thousand pounds;    (S.I. No. 72 of 1987)

  • (c) the value of each prize shall be stated on every ticket or coupon.

(3) A permit shall not be granted more than once in six months for the benefit of any one beneficiary.

(4) Where, however, a carnival, bazaar, sports meeting, local festival, exhibition or other like event is being organised, the permit may authorise the promotion of more than one lottery in conjunction with it. If more than one lottery is held in any week, the total value of the prizes for the week shall be not more than three thousand pounds.   (S.I. No. 72 of 1987)

(5) An appeal shall lie to the District Court from the refusal of a Superintendent to grant a permit. The decision of the District Court shall be final."

A similar cap exists on periodical lotteries, for which you require a licence granted by the District Court.  The total value of the prizes on any occasion shall be not more than €12,700.

This information comes from the Irish Statute Book and The Department of Justice website.

Licence for charity raffle

You will need a licence in order to conduct a charity raffle in the Republic of Ireland.

Raffles where people pay for entry as in this case are governed by the 1956 lotteries act (and subsequent amendments).

This was reviewed in 1987 which upped the limit on prizes, among other things. 

You can get a permit for a once off lottery from the Gardai.  A licence for a periodical lottery is granted by the District Court.