Download Free Sustainable Communities Funding and Governance Handbooks

Do you need advice on funding applications and fundraising? And what about the governance of your organisation - does it need improvement?
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has partnered with The Wheel to produce the Sustainable Communities  guidebooks series, providing up to date advice on funding and governance for community-led groups throughout Ireland.
Chock full of ideas and resources, both handbooks' tips and tools can be tailored to fit your needs and guide you towards sustainability.
For The Wheel and the EPA, sustainable communities are not just economically thriving and compliant in terms of their governance - they are also environmentally healthy and socially resilient.  We’ll be distributing these two guides via our networks in the coming months. Watch this space...
In the meantime, you can download both guides by clicking on the relevant image below.

       Funding Guide (pdf)                    Governance Guide (pdf)