Wage Subsidy Scheme & Financial Guidance

Posted on 11 May 2020 Last updated on 13 Jul 2021

Wage Subsidy Scheme & Financial Guidance Helpdesk

We know that many of our members, along with organisations across the sector, have been struggling to make sense of some of the technical/payroll aspects of implementing the Wage Subsidy Scheme. And so, recognising the need to support these organisations in this most uncertain of times, we have now put in place a Wage Subsidy Scheme Helpdesk service.

Our focus will also extend to wider financial guidance and queries, led by Tony Ward, The Wheel's Director of Finance, along with other financial experts.

Aimed primarily at smaller and medium-sized organisations, this Helpdesk service has been made possible by the generous support provided by the Medtronic Foundation.

Extension of Employment Wages Subsidy Scheme

The Wheel welcomes the extension of the EWSS (Employment wages Subsidy Scheme) for the second half of 2021 as the scheme has been of great assistance to qualifying organisations in the community, voluntary, charity and social enterprise sector.

Updated Revenue guidance is available here.

How We Can Help

If you have decided to proceed with the Wage Subsidy Scheme / financial guidance and need help with the payroll aspects of the scheme, we invite you to email Tony Ward, The Wheel's Finance Director: tony@wheel.ie.

Tony will either be able to assist you directly, or else put you in direct contact with external parties that can.

In any request for assistance that you decide to make, please be aware that we will be unable to advance your query without the following basic information:

  1. Approximate total income of your organisation
  2. Number of staff
  3. Number of staff for whom you intend to apply for the wage subsidy scheme
  4. What payroll software package you use
  5. Nature of your enquiry/issues you have.
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Wage Subsidy Scheme Helpdesk
Contact Tony Ward: tony@wheel.ie