COVID-19 Info Hub

Posted on 12 Aug 2020

With the generous support of the Medtronic Foundation, The Wheel has compiled a wealth of relevant resources for running your organisation and navigating your way through the impact / fallout of COVID-19.

Please use the signposts below to find the information and advice you require.

Any questions? Contact Paul Meade: for more.



COVID-19 Helpdesk 

Supported by the Medtronic Foundation, The Wheel's Helpdesk service is here to help your nonprofit to weather the pandemic storm.

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Guidance & Practical Supports

COVID-19 Guides & Downloads

Access our free library of practical guides, briefings and downloadable resources - including our in-depth Returning Safely to the Workplace series.

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COVID-19 Funds & Financial Assistance

A list of COVID-19 grants and financial resources geared specifically towards Irish nonprofits.

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How The Wheel Responded


The Wheel

An archive of our special member / sector update, issued regularly through the worst of the pandemic.

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#CommunityResponseIRL Campaign

Community Response IRL

Take a look back at the stories that helped light up the dark...

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COVID-19 Community Outreach

COVID-19 Community Outreach

A national and community-based response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The above work has been supported by the Medtronic Foundation, which has already donated more than $11M in global contributions to COVID-19 relief efforts.