What is a web browser?

There are several kinds of web browser in use today, and they are changing all the time, between large technological developments which open up new possibilities and the companies which make the software adding features and refining the user experience.

The Three Most Popular Web Browsers


Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Fortunately, the vast bulk (over 90%) of internet surfers use one of three web browsers:

This information comes from statistics compiled by w3schools .

Other browsers, which account for approximately 10% of internet usage, include Apple's Safari , Opera , and various Linux or mobile device based browsers.

So how does one find out which browser they are using?

Look at the top left corner of the browser window: does the icon look like the above icons?  If not, look for the help menu.  Choose help/about (which is usually the last option).  A screen will pop up which details exactly which browser and which version of the browser you are using.