"what specific ram is suitable for an iqon qompanion laptop?"

"what specific ram is suitable for an iqon qompanion laptop?"

Laptop computers are notoriously difficult to upgrade/replace parts, as they are designed to fit the most stuff into the smallest space, which often results in the use of non-standard and product specific parts.   It also sometimes results in a machine which cannot actually be upgraded.iqon

In general, an excellent resource for finding out what type of memory is suitable for a given machine can be found at www.shop4memory.com .  Their memory configurator http://memory.neon-drive.com/ allows you to browse through a large array of different types of computer to find the type of memory that suits.  Unfortunately, iQon do not appear in their records.  Also, iQon do not publish details on the types of components in their machines and their tech support request the serial number of the machine in question.  So we are unable to state exactly what type of RAM modules your laptop requires. 

Of course, if you intend on opening the machine and installing new RAM yourself, you could take out the existing RAM and examine it to see what type it is.  However, the best course of action is to contact iQon themselves with the serial number of the particular iqon qompanion laptop. 

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