What is a Podcast?

At its simplest, a podcast is simply an audio clip, like a music mp3.  The term podcast makes reference to Apple's massively popular iPod player, but in no way means that one requires an iPod to listen to one.

The golden rule for all such ventures into podcasting: content is king!

So what is on a podcast?

Usually, podcasts contain talking, e.g. talk radio shows (or segments thereof) are often produced as podcasts for download .  There are no rules as to what can be in a podcast.


So what makes a podcast a podcast?

Podcasts are audio clips which are online and available to be listened to or for download.  Arguably, though, the defining characteristic of a podcast is its associated RSS feed (see our article on RSS for more on this technology).  Through the use of RSS, listeners can subscribe to a series of audio clips, and are alerted whenever s new clip, or post, is put online.  Thus, a podcast could be described not simply as an audio clip, but more as a series of audio clips with an associated feed to which one can subscribe.  One of the secrets to a successful podcast is, therefore, that listeners can expect a new post at expected intervals.  And, of course, the golden rule for all such ventures: content is king.  It has to be interesting!