What is the most secure way to set-up remote access?

Take for example LogMeIn.  This neat little piece of software is installed on a desktop PC connected to the internet.  The owner can go to www.logmein.com, enter a couple of username-password combinations and they are presented with their desktop screen, as if they were sitting at their computer.  This means that they have all the network access that they would normally have, and no privilges they would not normally have.

So far so good.  From a security point of view, LogMeIn encypts everything and creates a secure hole through your network perimiter.  Only mouse movements and screen images are transferred over the wire.  However, how secure are the passwords used?  Do the passwords use lower case, upeer case, numbers and characters?  Are they over 8 characters long?  Such things matter when someone is applying cracking software to your password.  Are the passwords written down somewhere, or shared?

Any security method is only going to be as good as the security and prudence of the users and their passwords.

As for the choice of technology, it is down to personal choice and budget.  

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