The "virtual memory" error


 "I have tried to run a piece of software on Win Xp but it tells me that it needs at least 3mb of virtual memory, yet this is a new computer and the software ran perfectly well on an old Win 2000."

This error indicates that the software you are attempting to run is probably not designed to run in Windows XP.You mentioned that you were running it on windows 2000. In order to try and get this software to run in XP you may need to check if there actually is enough virtual memory to do this you can follow the instructions here (NOTE: make a note of what the settings are before changing them):

If after following these instructions you find that the program still will not run you should set the settings back to what they were.

You could also try setting some of the compatability settings which are explained here:

I cannot guarantee that this will resolve your issue as it would depend a lot on the software itself but this should at least help you try.


Cormac O'Loughlin


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