Stronger Leaders Programme - What They Say...

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Here are comments from some of the over 80 alumni of the Stronger Leaders programme from many community and voluntary organisations.

Feedback from participants of the Stronger Leaders Programme:

“It was a really positive learning process and good to know that there are others who were on the coursse that I can refer to for support on issues”.

“Very helpful. Learnt a lot from lecturers and colleagues. gave me confidence in my skills and my leadership style. good notes to go back to as reference.”.

“I found the Stronger Leaders course to be extremely beneficial personally”.

“The overall progarmme is a very good idea; there were very strong workshop presenters”.

“Well run and thought out programme”.

“The Stronger Leaders programme was a fantastic opportunity to take time out and reflect on leadership and the needs of my organisation. The theroetical imputs were generally very good, and well interspersed with practical exercises. A major benefit of the progaramme was the possibility of meeting other CEOs and recognising the many shared challenges we face and the opportunity to share experiences. Moving on from here, our group organised a training day in the autumn, and intend to do this on a regular basis”.

“Well delivered. I am keen that it is continued for others in the NGO sector”.

“The accommodation and general arrangements were excellent.”.

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