Steps for Submitting a Job or Volunteering Opportunity

Please read the following steps before submitting your content.

Step 1

Go to and click on the Submit a Position button. You can also click on the Submit a Job or Volunteering Opportunity link.


Step 2

Firstly, fill in the Job Title field. Next, choose either ‘Full time’ or ‘Part time’ from the Hours field. Then select either ‘Paid’ or ‘Voluntary' from the Position field.


Step 3

What type of position are you advertising? Click the most suitable category from the Type of Work list to highlight. To select multiple items hold down the CTRL key while clicking on items in the list.

Step 4

Is your organisation already listed in The Wheel’s directory of organisations? If so, select it from the list. Otherwise, enter it in the next field.

Step 5

Next, fill in the Summary field (80 character max); the Description field; and the Application details field. Then fill in the Region field and enter the Closing date. You can also choose to attach a file at this point, if you like.

And finally...

Scroll to the end of the page and click Save and you’re done! Your job/volunteering opportunity should now be visible on (Your content will be automatically unpublished once the expiry date has passed).