Speakers - Survival Essentials in Challenging Times 2011

Meet the Speakers

Gert Ackermann

Gert Ackermann is the Communications Officer with The Wheel and has had this role for almost three years. Originally from Mpumalanga in South Africa, he was formerly a publicist with Maverick House Publishers. A journalist by training, he cut his teeth in the world of radio, corporate communications and book publishing. Gert is responsible for The Wheel's communications strategy and publications, including Le Chéile, the magazine for the community & voluntary sector. Gert is also responsible for PR and media within The Wheel and is the creator of the 'Better Together!' video storytelling campaign inaugurated in October 2010. 

Ivan Cooper

Ivan Cooper is Director of Advocacy with The Wheel and is responsible for directing the representative and advocacy work The Wheel does on the cross-cutting sectoral issues. He has worked in this role for five years. Before that, he was Administration Manager with the Crisis Pregnancy Agency, and previously, he worked in a number of positions in the public, private and community and voluntary sectors in Ireland and Scotland, including a period as CEO of Wicklow Chamber of Commerce and Manager of a community group under the Local Development Social Inclusion Programme. 

Deirdre Garvey

Deirdre Garvey is the founding Chief Executive Officer of The Wheel and has worked in this role for eleven years. Over that time, she has been responsible for securing over €4million in non-statutory income to fund the work done by The Wheel. Prior to joining The Wheel, Deirdre was Director of Development (Fundraising) at Barretstown in Kildare where she worked for five years. During her time there, she was responsible for overseeing the raising of over €14million. Deirdre advises groups on fundraising and has presented several workshops on this topic. 

Anthony Lindsay

Anthony Lindsay is the Information Systems Officer with The Wheel, a role he holds for almost six years. After graduating as a civil engineer in 1996, he worked as both a chef and engineer before working for six years providing technical support services in the lighting industry.  He completed, with distinction, a part time graduate diploma in IT from DCU in May 2006. Anthony is responsible for the maintenance and development of The Wheel's websites, database and IT systems.  

Prospectus Strategy Consultants

Founded in 1991, Prospectus is Ireland's only management consultancy firm focusing purely on strategy development and implementation. They specialise in advisory services to individuals and organisations in the 'Philanthropy and Not-For-Profit' area in addition to the following areas: higher education, religious congregations and health and social services. They hold a particular expertise in assisting organisations in the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors to establish their strategic direction and to ensure they have the proper structures to deliver on their strategic objectives. They are working with The Wheel to deliver the 'Collaborate to Innovate' programme, which is assisting groups to identify and implement a collaborative working workplan. 
Survival Essentials, 29 September, WaterfordSupported by the National Training Fund