Sharing information between staff and volunteers

"I'm looking to share information between me/staff/volunteers  - I'm looking to use Google docs is there another platform preferred by non-profit orgs?"

It's not 100% clear from the question what information is to be shared. Presumably, from the mention of Google Docs it is document collaboration. With the arrival of Google Wave about to explode, online collaboration is likely to take on a whole new meaning. This rather long video explains it well


Zoho is also excellent feature wise and well worth a look.

Microsoft's Sharepoint, whilst almost free to charities to buy through ENCLUDEit , may be an expensive option in terms of implementation and maintenance costs.

In terms of sharing information & knowledge there are now a whole host of media that can be used cost effectively: Podcasts, Video, Webcasting, Mapping data..


Questions that arise when considering a new system include, for example, who and how many people are going to edit the documents; how many people will have access to the documents; do you want full version control are you content to let users manage this; what tools would you prefer to use when editing the documents (excel, ms word, others); who is going to maintain the system; etc?

It is through answering questions like these that one can get a firm picture of the required solution and be better informed when choosing a product.

However, among the options for sharing files are , and . All of these are good solutions (as is Google Docs and many other solutions).



Thanks to 54 Degrees and Ultan Technologies for their help on this article.