A Shared Calendar, Anytime, Anyplace: Google Calendar

google calendar - shared calendar online

A shared calendar can be a massive asset to any organisation.  It could be used as a diary by staff, to track staff activities or to schedule meetings.  It could be used to advertise and manage appointments/events with external people.  Either way, having a calendar which staff can read and update as a single source of information accross an organisation is invaluable. 

Imagine everyone in your organisation being able to see everyone else's diary all the time.

Google have created a free to use tool which fulfils this need in Google Calendar .  Part of the services available through a Google Account, Google Calendar has a host of neat features built in as standard.

Take a tour of Google Calendar...




You can...

  • Create events
  • invite attendees
  • email invitations and reminders
  • comment on events
  • view calendar as day/week/month planner
  • Create and schedule repeated events
  • Use your calendar on your web site


  • Events can be created very simply
  • Calendar integrates with Google maps to display the event location
  • You have complete access control
  • SMS reminders to your mobile phone
  • Weather reports in your calendar



  • Online all the time
  • Access from any internet connection
  • Share with anyone you wish or keep it private
  • Integral email and SMS alerts
  • Embed it in your website and let Google do the work
  • Save time scheduling meetings/events
  • Save money creating calendar widgets for your website


How to get Google Calendar

  1. Sign up for a Google account.  It only requires a name and a valid email address.  Google will send you an email which will allow you to activate the account.
  2. Go to www.google.ie
  3. Choose sign in
  4. enter your email and password
  5. a list of facilities/products will be presented.  Choose Calendar and hey presto.