Setting the Outlook spellcheck dictionary

"I use Microsoft Outlook for 3 e-mail addresses.  Where do I set the default dictionary for all outgoing e-mails?  As many times as I change it to English UK it reverts to English US!"


In Outlook 2000/2002/2003 you should be able to set the dictionary by choosing Tools>Options>Spelling>Language and choosing OK.

If you are using Word as your email editor you might want to check that Word uses the correct dictionary too!  Otherwise one might override the other.  You can check or set your language in Word by choosing Tools>Language>Set Language

You might also make sure that English (Ireland) is chosen in Control Panel>Regional and Language Options, just to make double sure.

In Office 2007 you can set the dictionary for all Office programs by following the steps in this Microsoft knowledgebase article.