SEPA (Single European Payments Act) - Q&A

On 17 June, 2013 The Wheel held a webinar (online seminar) for members of The Wheel on the subject of SEPA, which stands for the Single European Payments Act.

This webinar was run specifically to bring our members up to speed on this impending change to the way in which euro electronic payments are processed across Europe. 

We had two extremely well-informed webinar presenters (Michael O'Neill, SEPA Programme Manager for Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO), and Michael McCarron, Head of Payments at Ulster Bank) on hand to explain the full ramifications of SEPA for all Irish community and voluntary organisations.

Consult the Q&A 

You can now download a detailed results of the Q&A session included in the webinar below. This document should help you to get a better understanding of SEPA and how it will effect your organisation in the future.

Click here to download Q&A (PDF).

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