Registration of Lobbying in Ireland

In September 2015, The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 commenced.  It requires that organisations that employ more than ten staff (or if their primary activity is lobbying/advocacy, organisations that employ one or more staff) record all lobbying activity/communications that they engage in with Designated Public Officials (this includes elected officials and senior civil servants and public officials) in the Register of Lobbying.  

The Wheel has produced an Information Note on the Lobbying Register to assist you in identifying if you have any reporting obligations under this new Act - click here to download this document now.  You can find out more, and access the Register of Lobbying at

The Lobbying regulator has helpfully set out a Three Step Test which you can use to determine this.  The Wheel strongly advises you to follow this Three Step Test.  If your organisation is engaging in lobbying activity, then you will need to take a systematic approach to recording your lobbying activity over reporting periods.

For organisations that do have reporting obligations, the first formal returns to the Register of Lobbying were due on 21 January 2016 to cover the period from September to December 2015 and the second was due on the 21st May 2016 to cover the period January to April 2016. As this regulatory requirement is still very new, The Wheel encourages you to act now and identify if you are affected, and what you need to do to comply with the requirements of the Act. 

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