Purchase Order Systems and TimeSheets

Question 2
"I have been asked to speed up our management accounts reporting process.  To achieve this I am looking at ways that will save me time.  The task that takes me most time to complete is the allocation of staff hours.  We have over 100 staff and most of them work on several projects at a time, we have about 100 live cost centres.  At the moment I have everything on excel where the payroll data is worked on each month (starters, leavers, hour changes, salary increases, overtime etc) which I use to calculate the monthly payroll send over the data to a payroll company and finally reconcile the data returned to me by them.  At the end of each quarter I then use this data to allocate staff hours where staff have done overtime or changed hour allocations.  I then enter all this data via journals onto Sage 50 into the various departments for each month.  It can take a long time and can be inaccurate as I am relying on the hour allocations that have been pre-set by budgets and managers (which is sometimes wrong).  Is there a way to make this process more automated?  I have considered timesheets but there is some reluctance to use these and am afraid staff would not buy the idea, can you suggest anything?"

  • There are several tools available that could save on time, including some time sheet tools that are quite easy to use. Some of the questions above would also need to be answered.
  • It should be possible to automatically import from your spreadsheet into Sage 50 - it could be just a matter of creating a new sheet in your spreadsheet that sucks in data from the other sheets and formats in a way that is suitable for Sage.
  • You won't be able to get around the inaccuracies of the data unless someone tells you the actual time spent versus the projected time spent. I can't see a way round this without using a time sheet solution of some sort. I have researched and recommended such tools to a few companies, but the selected tool depends a lot on what type of users you have, etc.
  • Timesheetxpress (free to charities) looks like just the job for this scenario.  It also integrates with Sage.