Opening docx

With Office 2007, Microsoft brought out a new set of file types.  Since then, users of Office 2000, 2003, XP etc have been receiving documents from others using Office 2007, and and have often been bemused at their inability to open these strange files.


Until office 2007, it did not matter what version of Office you were using - they could all open each others files, but docx files presented a problem as there was no backwards compatilbiility.  Microsoft have produced a docx plugin for older versions of Office which will convert them to a more traditional filetype, but some users can run into snags when trying to get and install it, depending on what versions of Windows, Internet Explorer and Office they are running.  It can seem to get very complicated!

 Fortunately, open source software OpenOffice can step in here to come to the rescue.  Now in version 3, OpenOffice can open docx files and save them as your format of choice.

 You can get OpenOffice for free here.