Online Office Suite - Google Docs

google docs - an online office

Google Docs is a suite of online office applications, hosted by the mighty Google.  It offers charities instant computing accessibility and mobility through the fact that it is free and online.  All you need is an internet connection.  Create, connect, share.  All online. 

Featured Applications:

  • Word Processor
  • Spreadhseet
  • Presentation Tool


Create, connect, share.  All online.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with OpenOffice and MS Office files, generates PDFs
  • Contains all the essential features you would expect from your familiar desktop applications
  • It is online, all the time
  • It is accessible from any internet point
  • You don't need any specific software to be installed on the machine
  • Your documents stored securely on Google's servers
  • You can create folders and view your documents just like on your desktop
  • You can share documents with specific people (who must have google accounts for access)
  • Or share documents with the world
  • You can allow people to view or collaborate on the document, which facilitates entire teams editing documents.
  • Get email alerts when one of your shared documents are edited by one of your specified collaborators.
  • The applications include tight revision control: you can revert to old versions if you make a mistake.
  • It's completely free.

But don't just take our word for it.  Google have created this short instructional video which will help illustrate the concept.


How to get Google Docs

  1. Sign up for a Google account.  It only requires a name and a valid email address.  Google will send you an email which will allow you to activate the account.
  2. Go to
  3. Choose sign in
  4. enter your email and password
  5. a list of facilities/products will be presented.  Choose More to see Docs (amongst other cool stuff).  Choose Docs to get started.

Thereafter, the services you have recently used, e.g. Docs, willappear under My Products for ease of access.

Google Docs is just one of the fantastic products available with a Google account.  See also Gmail, Google Calendar, iGoogle.