How do I update my website

"We have a website and are anxious to have access to it so we can update it ourselves on a regular basis. A couple of questions, is it necessary to go on a course for this? I have been told we need a contents manager system?"

 This does depend a lot on how often you intend to update your website, add new articles and such. You mentioned you have an exsisting website you want to update. A website is usually hosted on a server on the internet and the usual way to access it would be to log into the server with FTP (file transfer protocol) the files held there is your website, depending on your update needs you may not need a CMS (content management system) you may just need to be shown how to log onto your hosting provider and change the files.

There are a number of programs available to connect to an FTP server. Filezilla is one of the better ones and is available free at You can then edit the files with something as simple as word (however this is limited). If you wish to edit the site directly you may wish to use a porpose built HTML editor Bluefish available here: can connect to the ftp server and edit the files directly. This would be your best option without a CMS.

Advantages of a CMS are that the over all look of the site will stay constant as you change and edit the articles and content of the site, administration of users privilages and other such features is a lot easier in a CMS system.

To decide what you need, I would recommend trying the above method out and reading more about these CMS systems:

one of the most popular is Joomla!, available here: 

Another popular one is Drupal, available here:

Both are freely available ( open source and licenced under the GPL) and have a lot of information on their site.


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