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Are you having trouble using our shop? Have a look below to find guidance on some common questions.

How do I book a course?

Booking a course is simple.

  1. First, choose your course. 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see "add to cart".
  3. Make sure to fill in any required fields, e.g. whether or not you are a member, and press "add to cart".
  4. You will be brought to your shopping cart, whereupon you can checkout by pushing the "checkout" button. 
  5. Proceed to pay by a variety of mayment methods.
  6. You will automatically be issued with a receipt/invoice by email.

add to cart

I never received my email order invoice/order receipt. What happened?

If you're having trouble, call us. We'll be happy to help.

Sometimes email receipts get eaten by over-zealous spam filters. If your receipt does not arrive in a few moments, please check your junk email folder. If it has not been caught as spam and has still not arrived after ten minutes, call us. 01 4548727

I have special requirements. How do I tell you about them?

You should find a text box at the bottom of the page for a given course in which you can put your requirements before you press "add to cart". If you miss that box or cannot see it, you can always put your requirements into the order comment box at checkout.

How can I book for another person?

When you put in contact details at checkout/payment stage, there is only room for a single person's details. Any email address supplied at this stage will be the one to which email receipts and invoices will be sent. To book for another person, you can put their details in for the payment details, or if you like to keep it separate, you can put the actual attendee's contact details in the order comment box.

order comment box

How can I book a course for several people?

You can adjust quantities for courses and products in your shopping cart. Simply type in the quantity you need and press "update cart" to apply the change.  At checkout, you can put all the extra names, job titles and email addresses in the "order comments" box.

I've selected a course. How do I check out?

All you need to do to go from your cart to payment & checkout is to press the "checkout" button. You do not need to select any products in your shopping cart again.

order checkout

I've chosen the wrong course/product. How can I remove it from my shopping basket?

To remove a product from your shopping cart, click the checkbox beside the offending product and click "update cart". To reduce quantities of a product, type the preferred quantity into the quantity box and click "update cart".

What payment methods do you have?

We accept credit and laser cards through Realex, Ireland's premier payments processor. We also accept payments through Paypal. Lastly, we accept cheques and can issue electronic invoices. 

Do I need a credit card to book?

No, you can order an invoice and pay later. We do ask that payments be made before attendance at an event. Also, in the case of subscriptions or physical products, the products will not be released nor the subscription begun until payment is received.

Why does the Wheel charge for some events?

The Wheel is a non-profit organisation which relies on earned income and statutory grants. Earned income is used to cover costs and all income generated through attendance at our events is reinvested in the organisation to provide services, support and representation for the community and voluntary sector. Training fees are maintained at a level below the industry average, and members of The Wheel enjoy substantial discounts on all our training and events. 

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