The General Election 2016: Make Your Voice Heard

Ireland's community and voluntary sector is facing into challenging times, with significant changes now affecting how community and voluntary organisations are regulated, funded and ultimately understood. It is therefore critical that we voice our shared needs to make sure that Government policy supports and does not impede our work.

General Election The forthcoming general election presents us with an opportunity to influence Government policies towards our sector. While the date of the election has yet to be announced, it is widely anticipated that it will take place early next year, or as early as the last quarter of this year.  

The political parties are currently drafting their election manifestos, and The Wheel has already engaged with all the major parties to highlight our sector’s shared needs. But we can’t do it alone; we need to  make use our collective voice to make that policy makers understand and support our sector.


We encourage you to take the following three steps:

  1. Read our policy briefing document Supporting the Community and Voluntary Sector (PDF)
  2. Write to the election candidates and your local elected representatives (TDs, Senators,  and councillors) to highlight the policy priorities for our sector (see letter/email template below). 
  3. Spread the word and help create greater awareness of our sector's shared needs. 


For more information contact Ivan Cooper at