Frequently Answered Questions on the Community Outreach Digital Switchover Programme

FAQs on the Community Outreach Digital Switchover Programme


How much will an organisation get to carry out the role?

The total grant to implement the programme in each area is €25,000. It is envisaged that the bulk of this funding will be used to meet the costs of employing/engaging the ‘Digital Champion’, including all expenses incurred and equipment costs. This may include some costs associated with printed materials.  An additional and separate fund will be allocated to assist other local organisations to organise and host local events and information sessions.  

Who will employ or contract with the ‘Digital Outreach Champion’?  

One organisation in each area (county/constituency/other) will be given responsibility to employ or contract with the Digital Outreach Champion for that area.  

Will the Digital Outreach Champion be going door to door showing people what to do?

No. One person and one organisation could never do it on their own. The Champion is expected to involve lots of organisations and people in a big community effort to reach the target group, involving the people who are already close to and trusted by the target group. That’s why networks and the ability to network are so important, as are project management and organisational skills.  

What supports will be provided to these Organisations and Digital Outreach Champions?

Following the initial induction training, Irish Rural Link and The Wheel will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the period of the programme.  

What reports are expected?

As outlined above, the organisation is expected to provide a monthly report on progress against the Digital Outreach Plan for the area, and financial aspects. This will serve as the basis for further draw-down of funding. In addition the successful Digital Outreach Champion is expected to regularly update the database that will serve as the basis for tracking and monitoring progress for the programme.  

Can an individual apply without a linked organisation?  Can an organisation apply without naming a person who will work as Digital Outreach Champion?

No. The application must be made by the organisation and a ‘designated person’. Given the short timescale and the short-term nature of the programme, the organisation and the person should already know each other, be able stand over each other and be able to ‘hit the ground running’.  

We’re not interested in being involved in coordinating it, but are there other ways of us getting involved?  

Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities for organisations at a local level to get involved in implementing the programme. You may, for instance, provide information on the digial switchover to people who you reach through your organisation’s work, you could hold an event or a series of events involving the target group such as an information evening, etc. There will be a small grants scheme to assist such efforts.  

How can I get more information on the digital switchover?

For further information, please see the following websites:

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