Free Software to Capture a Queries Database

"Is there kind of free software to capture a queries database?  We take many queries from members of public via telephone and email. Currently these are recorded manually.  It would be invaluable to have some sort of searchable database which could record such queries."


 Well...  the short answer is CRM (client/customer/constituent relationship management).  It sounds like you want to track your interactions with your clients, e.g. what they are asking you, in which case, this is what CRM solutions have been invented for.  They revolutionised small business a few years ago.

There are some articles written on the topic here:

 Two free (to download and use) CRM solutions are CiviCRM and Sugar CRM (there's also the eponymous FreeCRM!).  However with either of these, whilst you can get them for free, you may need help in setting them up so that they actually aid and match your business processes and add value to your organisation.

If you are a registered charity you can also get two products donated for free (Salesforce ) or for 4% of its value (Microsoft Dynamics ).  

Another thing you could do would be create a private network, in effect an intranet, to discuss client queries and develop answers to those queries in a collaborative manner.  Ning is a free online tool that lets you set up a private social network in a couple of minutes that could facilitate such a work process.  I've written about Ning here.