Fixing Broken Word Documents

This short article offers a catch-all which will fix many a broken Word document.

Word documents get corrupted.  It just happens, and we have to deal with it.  A corrupt document will manifest itself by crashing word as you scroll down through the document when you hit a particular spot.  Or sometimes, you simply cannot open the document at all!


Fortunately, there is a simple remedy which will rescue most dying or dead Word documents (or Excel or Power Point, for that matter).

{mosimage} OpenOffice opens Microsoft Office documents - Word, Excel and Power Point.  It will also save them, although you will have to tell OpenOffice that you want your document saved in Microsoft's format, as it natively uses ODF, or open Document Format.  A simple File>SaveAs will cover that.

So by simply going through the process of opening your broken Word document in OpenOffice and choosing File>SaveAs and saving the file again in the Microsoft format, OpenOffice fixes the glitches.  

OpenOffice may change some of the more complex formatting features used by Word, by the chances are that they were causing the problem in the first place!

 OpenOffice is open source software which is freely available for download at .  OpenOffice looks like Office 2000/XP, so if you are familiar with those products you will be able to use OpenOffice.  OpenOffice is in version 3 as of this writing, and is therefore a mature product.  It is created by Sun Microsystems, one of the heavyweights of the technology industry.