Feedback from CEO-breakfast in June 2010

Feedback from CEO-breakfast in June 2010 entitled "The Non-negotiable Laws for Leadership, Success & Happiness",  presented by Michael Ostinelli and Carol Conway of the Pacific Institute Ireland

This is what attendees had to say:

  • "I found the ideas and the opening up of the mind to other ways of thinking to be fascinating.   "
  • "I valued the goal setting tips"
  • "I look forward to the longer course from these people."
  • "It gave me a tangible way to understand what's going on behind the scenes inside our heads and the effects these thoughts can have on limiting or expanding possibilities for individuals and organizations. Very interesting and informative. Thank you.   "
  • "It was an excellent session to ignite thoughts. A longer follow up session would be great.    "
  • "It was thought provoking and encouraging - this is important in the lonely life of a CEO! we need more of this."
  • "The session provided clarity and insight into the absolute importance of goal setting.    "
  • "I found both presenters approach effective and infectious.  The importance of how are thinking affects our success."

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