Let's Commission for Communities

Valuing the community and voluntary approach to human, social and community services

Let's Commission for Communities identifies the societal value that the community Let's Commission for communitiesand voluntary approach delivers: the energy, endeavour and commitment displayed and the funds contributed. The report makes strong recommendations for the next government about what is needed if we want to continue to benefit from a thriving community and voluntary sector.

We are publishing this report because we believe that the current drift in policy towards a commissioning model focused on minimising public-spending may compromise the quality of services and threaten the viability of the community and voluntary sector itself. We believe that commissioning can be approached in a positive way that supports communities and that a priority for public policy should be to create an enabling ecosystem to sustain the community and voluntary sector in the years ahead.
Published by Clann Credo, the Community Foundation for Ireland and The Wheel, January 2016, 40 pages. 
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Summary & Recommendations