Cleaning DVDs and DVD drives

"after system restore printer/scanner not working was advised to reinstall with disc,but tried and got error msg..(bad block in drive)looked this up was advised to try again or clean dvd/cd D: drive philips DVDR1660P1..model"

If Windows reports a bad block error then it is having trouble reading from a specific device.  This could mean problems with the DVD drive, or problems with the CD/DVD disc.   

Try another disc in the drive.  If it works, then it is most likely that the problem lies with the disc.  To clean a CD/DVD you can purchase cleaning equipment, fluid etc from electronics shops, but you can also simply wipe the surface radially with a lint-free cloth.  Start at the centre and wipe in a smooth motion straight out to the edge.  Surprisingly, typical T-shirt material works wonders for this purpose.

If no discs work in the drive, then try cleaning the drive.  If you can get a can of compressed air (from model shops or computer supply shops) you can attempt to blow whatever dust is on the lens out.  Simply open the drive and blow air into the hole.  If that does not work, you can get commercial drive lens cleaning kits.

Examples of commercial cleaning kits may be found at Maplin Electronics' excellent online store.

If cleaning does not yield a result and the drive will not read any discs, you could try  downloading the latest driver from the manufacturer and updating that on your system.  If that yields no results, it may be time to replace the drive.  You can pick up DVD drives easily from Komplett.  Or if you feel that you would rather have someone else put in a drive for you, it may be worth contacting your IT supplier, if you have one.  If not, you could contact Hyperlink , one of our ICTpoint panelists, who work in the field of IT supply and support.