Can ICTpoint be our tech support?

ICTpoint is a web based service providing information and advice on information and communications technologies (ICT) to community and voluntary organisations.  The focus of the service is at the strategic/managerial level rather than operational level, for example it addresses how community and voluntary organisations can get the most from their investment in their technology systems.

However, we do aim to address any problems presented to us, and many of the questions to date have been quite product specific in nature, so we have broadened the focus over the life of the project so far.  

As for whether or not ICTpoint can be an effective substitute for face to face support, I think that it should be used in addition to rather than instead of someone who can come to site.  Whilst the articles on ICTpoint are written to try to include contextual and background information to offer a more complete picture/solution, there is a limit to what can be achieved by reading a website.

  • It is important to cultivate a relationship with an IT provider - don't just look upon them as a supplier, but more a technology partner who can step with you along your organisation's journey.
  • ICTpoint can offer independent advice and knowhow, without obligation.
  • An independent viewpoint, or good practice framework can be invaluable when choosing a technology partner or contractor.  
  • ICTpoint can help you to understand the techno-babble and de-code the jargon.
  • ICTpoint is a free service, and the knowledgebase is contantly growing, so it makes a good first port of call: any time that you find your answer on ICTpoint instead of calling out a technology company saves you money.

What ICTpoint can not do is quickly come to your offices and replace your server's hard drive when it fails.  

However, a good first port of call is the ICTpoint panel - each a professional technology company, they will be happy to discuss any needs you have which are outside the remitt of this site.

 We believe that ICTpoint can be a valuable tool to improve efficiencies and save money for community and voluntary organisations accross the country.