Agenda: The Wheel's National Conference - 15 May 2014

Renew | Rebuild | Restore - The Wheel's 2013 annual conference

The conference will feature top international and local speakers who will stimulate debate and provoke your thoughts on the challenges that your organisation will be facing in the years ahead.

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Session 1

Trust: Where do we stand?

The community, voluntary and charity sector has been through a torrid six months with public trust and confidence, in what only last year was the most trusted sector in Irish society, now significantly undermined. As a consequence, we have seen a fall in public donations, calls for greater transparency, the speedy introduction of the Charity Regulator and demands for evidence of good governance by charities in their custodianship of public funds. This session aims to establish where we stand in relation to public trust, invites a warts and all reflection of the sector from journalists and commentators who have been following the crisis, and sets out to identify the next steps for our sector as we work to restore our reputation.

09.30 - 11.10

Setting the scene

The public's perspective: results of the latest survey of public confidence in charities 
- Patrick Brennan, Research Director at NFP Synergy

The media's perspective 
- Pat Leahy, Deputy Editor & Political Editor, Sunday Business Post and Sarah McInerney, Political Correspondent, Sunday Times
The sector’s perspective
Hans Zomer, Director of Dochas and Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel 
Q&A and Panel Discussion  
Table exercise & feedback:  What’s needed to restore confidence?

11.10- 11.15

SPONSOR'S ADDRESS: Doug Munro, Head of Funding, Products & Propositions, Ulster Bank

11.15 - 11.40COFFEE BREAK

Session 2

Regulation: What can we expect?

Following our exploration of public opinion on the sector and the subsequent discussion and feedback in the first session, we now look in depth at the advancing plans for regulation, seeking to learn lessons from international experience of regulating the charity sector, and identify what else needs to be done to ensure regulation maximises the rebuilding of public trust and confidence.

11.40- 12.55

Setting the scene
– Ivan Cooper, Director of Advocacy at The Wheel
Plans for Ireland's Charity Regulator
– Una Ni Dhubhghaill, Interim CEO of the Charity Regulatory Authority 
Lessons from the Scottish experience of regulation
- Jude Turbyne, Head of Engagement at the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
Lessons from establishing a charity regulator in Northern Ireland
- Frances McCandless, CEO of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
Panel discussion and Q&A 
Shapping Ireland's future in Europe
- Francis Jacobs, Head of the European Parliament Information Office in Ireland and Dónall Geoghegan, Management and Public Affairs Consultant

12.55  - 14.15



Session 3


During this session you can attend one of the following masterclasses. Please select your preferred option when you register for the conference. 

14.15- 15.15

A: Succeeding in Procurement & Tendering
- Jeanne Copeland, Operations Director at Achilles Procurement Services Ltd.
B: Demonstrating your Impact & Outcomes
- Sandra Velthuis, Whitebarn Consulting
C: Succeeding on the Governance Code Journey
- Bob Semple, Governance Specialist
D: Rising to the Fundraising Challenge
- Simon Scriver, Director of Total Fundraising
15.15 – 15.35COFFEE  BREAK

Session 4

Funding: What does the move to competitive tendering mean for your organisation?

Following debate and discussion about what the sector needs to prioritise to restore our reputation, and masterclasses on important actions we can take, we now turn our attention to the great paradigm shift taking place around us – the move to competitive tendering and what this means for the values we espouse and demonstrate in our work. Does the voluntary led, not-for-private-profit approach add value to our public services? Are we clear about that value? We better be, because if we cannot articulate it and ensure it is captured in outcomes-focused competitive tendering processes, then that value may be lost.


Setting the scene
- Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel 

The future of public procurement in Ireland 
Robert Watt, Secretary General of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

What does the move to competitive tendering mean for the values we espouse? 
- Graham Benfield, former CEO, Wales Council for Voluntary Action

Getting procurement right: are public benefit clauses / social clauses part of the solution?
- Bruno Herbots, Partner and Head Procurement and Construction Team, Beauchamps Solicitors
Q & A

16.30– 16.45


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