95 Ways to Boost Your Excel

{mosimage}We all love Excel, right?  With Photoshop as other the single possible contender, it has to be the greatest piece of software ever written.

But do we use Excel to its best effect?  Are we more efficient through its use?  

Most people do not use more than a small fraction of what Excel can do, which is a pity given its power.  Well, straight from the good chaps at Pointy Haired Dilbert , you can now get your hands on the "9 to 5 Excellence : 95 Excel Tips Free E-Book " packed with (literally 95!) tips on improving your relationship with your favourite application.

It's free, it's really good, and it will help you with formulae, shortcuts, charts, pasting and more.  Empower yourself as the Excel Wizard you always wanted to be!

Download the book today.