What is the most secure way to set-up remote access?

"What is the most secure way to set-up remote access? "

 There are many ways to set up remote access.  Some give access to a server, e.g. Small Business Server and Citrix Access Esentials, whilst some give access to a desktop on a network, e.g. LogmeIn or GoToMyPC.  Other options include using hosted applications, such as Basecamp or Salesforce, which are designed for use over the internet and therefore are naturally remote.

All of these disparate methods can be set up securely, but security does not rely solely on the technology.  After all, it is easier to hack, i.e. trick, people than computers. 

Connecting to sqlExpress over VPN

"We have a server running SBS 2008. 2 satellite services connect to the server via VPN. I recently installed SQL Express on server and can connect to it from any PC within the physical building on the network, however conencting via vpn does not work. I have enabled 'allow remote connections' and allowed access via specified port and allowed sql access via firewall yet still no joy. Any guidance assistance greatly appreciated."


According to my research, the things you need for SQL to work over VPN include:

  • SQL Browser service enabled
  • TCP/IP and named pipes enabled
  • Remote Connections enabled


Testing Your Broadband Speed

"How do I check what speed broadband I have?"


There should be something on the bill from a broadband provider which says what service you are paying for.  If you look up that specific service/package on the provider's websiteyou will be able to see the advertised speed, i.e. the maximum speed the line will support.

Actual speed will vary, due to various factors, not least contention, which is other people sharing the line. 

To find what speed you actually get, go here:

Setting up an Intranet 101

"I am trying to find out about the best and most economical way to set up an intranet"

An intranet is simply a private version of the Internet, only accessible to the people within an organisation.

The first question you need to ask yourself when setting up an intranet is "what do I want to do with it?"

Do I need a phone line for broadband?

"If I get a wired broadband solution, do I need a telephone line? And can I use it anywhere in the house or am I stuck to one spot?"

 You need a phone line for proper broadband, right enough.  Your computer connects to the broadband line through a router, which can allow you to plug in directly or can (if it is a wireless router) allow you to connect over a wireless network.  In the case of a wireless router, you can use it anywhere in the house.

Have a look at these other broadband-related articles to give a more complete picture.

Mobile Broadband Speeds

"I am just wondering do you  have any thoughts on who might be the best broadband provider.

Connecting to a wireless network

{mosimage}In order for a computer to connect to a wireless network, three things must be working.

You need a wireless router, switched on, with the wireless functionality switched on.
You need WIFI on your computer and you need it enabled.
You need to be allowed onto the network.

Broadband Connection Problems

"I have a computer in school connected to broadband (Irish Broadband) via ethernet cable. A strong connection exists but when I try to access a web page I get a message saying internet explorer cannot display the web page. I have checked that IE is checked in settings. Any ideas?"


Connecting a new laptop to the internet

"I have a pc with a wired broadband connection. I have just bought a laptop. What do I need to get connected to the internet? "



Connecting a new Windows laptop to an existing internet connection should be easy.  A PC with a wired broadband connection will probably take the form of a network cable coming from the back of the PC and going to a router.  The router then plugs into a phone socket through which the broadband is provided, via a widget supplied by the broadband company.


"Help! My broadband connection is dead!"

"Help! My broadband connection is dead!"

How to troubleshoot a broadband connection.

{mosimage}This applies to a situation where the broadband router is directly connected to the PC.  This does not apply where the router is connected over a local area network (LAN) via a server or other proxy.

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