I changed broadband provider and now I cannot send email!

"I changed broadband provider and now I cannot send email!"

If you

  • use an email service provided by a broadband company, e.g. eircom,
  • and you use a desktop email client, e.g. Outlook
  • and you change your broadband provider, you will run into trouble sending mail.

You'll probably get an error like this:

Clickable email subject lines

"I wish to link subject line at the top of my e-mail to the full text at the bottom of e-mail.  Can you tell me how I do this?"

The Subject Line is Sacrosanct

Firstly, you cannot do anything funny with the subject line on an email.  It has to be plain text, all the way.  It is also the most important place to put your message: often it is the only thing a recipient sees.

Clickable Headlines

However, if you wish to have a headline in the body text which links to a paragraph further down the page, this is achieveable.

Sending Email Newsletters

10 things you should know about sending pretty email newsletters.


  1. Emails with pictures in them are in effect mini web-pages.  These are written in basic HTML, the language of the web.

  2. You can create HTML emails using "what you see is what you get", or WYSIWYG tools, like the formatting toolbar in Outlook or Thunderbird, but such tools are limited in what they can output, and usually produce unnecessary code which just clogs up bandwidth and can upset spam filters.

Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook?

"Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook? We need to make a decision on an email solution for our organisation. Currently we have a Lotus Notes setup but many us are more used to Microsft Outloook. Could you advise on the following please

(1) Which is better , Lotus or Microsoft Outlook for normal run-of-the mill email requirements for an organisation?

(2) If Microsoft, is it possible to tranfer across from Lotus ?

(3) What costs would be associated with such a move?"


 This is a good question, and an important decision. 


Setting the Outlook spellcheck dictionary

"I use Microsoft Outlook for 3 e-mail addresses.  Where do I set the default dictionary for all outgoing e-mails?  As many times as I change it to English UK it reverts to English US!"


Sharing contacts in Outlook 2002

"How do I share my contacts with the others in my organisation?  We use Outlook 2002"

In Outlook 2000, sharing contacts (or any other folder) was easy.  You chose a folder, made it shared, defined who had access to it and Outlook took care of the rest.  Since Outlook 2002, however, the situation has changed.  Now, all sharing functionality is dependent upon Microsoft's Exchange Server , which handles the centralising of all email, calendar and contact options for an organisation.  

How do I put a logo and signature on my email?

"How do I put a logo and signature on my email?"

In the context of email, a signature is a body of text at the foot of an email, often times containing contact details of the sender.  A signature is a useful tool, and for companies limited by guarantee, there are rules about what information is required published by the ODCE.  A handy briefing note on the legal requirements for signatures for companies can be found here.

Outlook Express problems sending email

"I'm using Outlook Express and I can receive emails but I can't send them. What are the possible reasons for this?"


When you set up an email account in Outlook Express, you are asked for the following information:

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