Free Software to Capture a Queries Database

"Is there kind of free software to capture a queries database?  We take many queries from members of public via telephone and email. Currently these are recorded manually.  It would be invaluable to have some sort of searchable database which could record such queries."


Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System in Your Organisation

But CRM is not just software or automation of business processes. It is really a culture - a way of thinking.

There are many Customer Relationship Management systems available.  But CRM is not just software or automation of business processes. It is  really a culture: a way of thinking within an organisation which is focused on the provision of top qualty customer/client service through intelligent communications and a holistic, person-centric view of your clients. 

Choosing and successfully implementing one requires multiple processes:

What is a CRM system?

CRM provides a single, holistic view of the client. 

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management tools have been used in industry for many years.  The private sector has found that this type of software can drive productivity and sales by arming employees with the information they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Contact Management and Reporting - CRM

"Hi,we are a national organisation with a number of offices throughout the country.We need an online reporting tool, preferably webbased to capture our day to day contacts, activtitis (we deliver training,respite etc) and capable of providing management reports - can you recommend or provide reference to appropiate tools/software that would provide this?"

Although I do not know your current ICT set-up I guess you do not have a central information system or CRM.

Information Quality

Quality information is defined as "information that is suitable for all of an organisation's purposes, not just my purposes."

Information quality is a relatively new concept to many organisations.

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