File size: a tutorial

To many people, file size is a black art.

To many people, file size is a black art.  Worse, for many, file size just does not feature on their radar at all.

Easy ways to save money in IT

  1. Turn off your machines at night.  

  2. Plan your software purchases to avoid buying software that you do not use.

Image sizes and resolutions demystified

All digital images have two sizes. The actual physical size, and the file size.

Clarifying Imagery

 Images, graphics, photos: can send some people into fits of confusion, whilst others beaver away in blissful ignorance, using the wrong images for the wrong job.

All digital images have two sizes. The actual physical size, and the file size.

All images have two sizes: the file size and the actual physical dimensions.

Laptop mouse query

"I connected a mouse to my laptop but now when I take it out the touchpad will not work."

Depending on the type of mouse you may need to restart the laptop in order to restore functionality to the touchpad. If you plug in a USB (flat connector) mouse after the laptop is booted you should be able to disconnect the mouse and immediately begin using the touchpad however if the mouse is a PS2 mouse (circular connector) it is recognised at boot time as the primary input and as such cannot be easily switched without a second boot-up.

Can ICTpoint be our tech support?

"Hi We've recently moved into a new facility and our ict support needs were provided by an independent service provider. This included everything from sourcing and configuring our server to setting up our web mail accounts. I've been happy with the work when we've managed to get our 'IT Guy' onsite but in recent months it has become very difficult to get him to respond. The issue is that as a growing community based youth service our ICT support needs are increasing significantly. It was always envisaged that as part of the service offered we would be provided with a user friendly manual that would make us relatively self sufficient when it came to setting up user profiles etc. on the server but as of yet we have not been able to source that support. At this point I recognise the need to source support elsewhere for our multi-layered ICT needs and my question is can ICTpoint meet these needs and be an effective substitute for face-to-face service provision?"


"what specific ram is suitable for an iqon qompanion laptop?"

"what specific ram is suitable for an iqon qompanion laptop?"

Laptop computers are notoriously difficult to upgrade/replace parts, as they are designed to fit the most stuff into the smallest space, which often results in the use of non-standard and product specific parts.   It also sometimes results in a machine which cannot actually be upgraded.iqon

Cleaning DVDs and DVD drives

"after system restore printer/scanner not working was advised to reinstall with disc,but tried and got error msg..(bad block in drive)looked this up was advised to try again or clean dvd/cd D: drive philips DVDR1660P1..model"

If Windows reports a bad block error then it is having trouble reading from a specific device.  This could mean problems with the DVD drive, or problems with the CD/DVD disc.   


The internet is large, unruly and full of nasties.

The Internet.  Viruses.  Threats.  Hacking.  Stealing.  All these words can make managers in organisations in any sector cringe and worry.  In years gone by, you only had to worry when someone produced a floppy disk and posted it into the slot in the front of your PC, but now, in this era of interconnected networks of computers, threats to your computer can come from anywhere.  But do not despair, for solutions do exist. 

The internet is large, unruly and full of nasties.


There are thousands of viruses and new ones are discovered every month.

A virus is the common term used to encapsulate the many forms of malicious software, or "malware" in existence.  These are small computer programs that infect host computers and files.  Some can cause damage to files and data loss; some merely replicate themselves, creating an inconvenience or annoyance.  

Viruses can reside in the code of web pages, come as seemingly benign attachments to an email, or reside on some other media such as a CD.  

Mouse maintenance

Everyone at one point or another, has experienced the frustration that comes when one's mouse refuses to cooperate.  

Fortunately, a recalcitrant mouse can readily be cajoled into further use.

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