Sharing information between staff and volunteers

"I'm looking to share information between me/staff/volunteers  - I'm looking to use Google docs is there another platform preferred by non-profit orgs?"

It's not 100% clear from the question what information is to be shared. Presumably, from the mention of Google Docs it is document collaboration. With the arrival of Google Wave about to explode, online collaboration is likely to take on a whole new meaning. This rather long video explains it well

A Shared Calendar, Anytime, Anyplace: Google Calendar

Imagine everyone in your organisation being able to see everyone else's diary all the time.

google calendar - shared calendar online

Online Office Suite - Google Docs

Create, connect, share.  All online.

google docs - an online office

Google Docs is a suite of online office applications, hosted by the mighty Google.  It offers charities instant computing accessibility and mobility through the fact that it is free and online.  All you need is an internet connection.  Create, connect, share.  All online. 

Sharing contacts in Outlook 2002

"How do I share my contacts with the others in my organisation?  We use Outlook 2002"

In Outlook 2000, sharing contacts (or any other folder) was easy.  You chose a folder, made it shared, defined who had access to it and Outlook took care of the rest.  Since Outlook 2002, however, the situation has changed.  Now, all sharing functionality is dependent upon Microsoft's Exchange Server , which handles the centralising of all email, calendar and contact options for an organisation.  

Shared Electronic Diaries

"I've heard that there are such things as 'shared electronic diaries' that an organisation can use to make scheduling meetings amongst staff easier to manage.

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