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Tenders Invited for Delivery of a Review of Work Process Flows

The Wheel has identified that the systems in place to manage the information gathered and disseminated in the course of our business are either stand alone or cumbersome/time consuming to operate,

Do you know someone who has returned to the nest?

RTE is preparing a documentary that concerns people with children who have moved back in with their parents.

Silver Surfer Awards 2011 Open for Nominations

Age Action Ireland, in partnership with Google, are looking for people over the age of 50 who have an interesting story about how they use their computer, internet and mobile phone use.

Silver Surfers’ Important to Future of ICT Sector – Active Retirement Ireland

Manufacturers and service-providers in the ICT sector need to pay more attention to the needs of the ‘silver’ market.  That’s according to Active Retirement Ireland, which today  launched

Purchase Order Systems and TimeSheets


Question 1

"I have been asked to speed up the quarterly management reporting process which at the moment I report on a quarter almost 2 months after the period end date.  One of the reasons for this is we wait on accruals to come in after the period end - about a month.  I have thought of using a purchase order system but I am not sure on how easy this is to set up.  Is there software we can use that will allow staff to make purchase orders that is easy to use and does not require too much accounts labour time to monitor, and for it to be useful for accruals reporting?"

  •  There are several purchase order systems available, some of which are online (in the cloud") and some of which are installed on the user's computer. Both could be used for gathering information on accruals.
  • What sort of accounting system do you use currently? There may be a facility in that that will deal with POs that has not yet been turned on.
  • How do you get details on accruals currently? Is there any sign off process on purchases?
  • How accurate does your management accounts need to be?
  • Do the people who would be raising purchase orders have access to the internet? Would it be ok to store details of purchase orders online in a secure manner?
  • Do you have any other systems that you would like to have integrated?

Sage line 50 has a whole purchasing module as standard.  It's also a network app, so anyone on the network could access it if they have rights (and licences!). 


Moving your website to another host and another designer

"We are no longer that happy with the company who designed and maintains our website.
We are starting to look for a new host/maintenance provider but I wondered if we are likely to run into any problems moving away from the person that designed the site. Am I correct that we own it since we paid him to create it so it's a case of having it moved to a new host and getting a SLA for the maintenance?"

Easy ways to save money in IT

  1. Turn off your machines at night.  

  2. Plan your software purchases to avoid buying software that you do not use.

Sharing information between staff and volunteers

"I'm looking to share information between me/staff/volunteers  - I'm looking to use Google docs is there another platform preferred by non-profit orgs?"

It's not 100% clear from the question what information is to be shared. Presumably, from the mention of Google Docs it is document collaboration. With the arrival of Google Wave about to explode, online collaboration is likely to take on a whole new meaning. This rather long video explains it well http://bit.ly/1W8gnr

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