Trading Goods and Services

Diversifying Your Funding Sources

The challenge of funding community and voluntary organisations in the long term is to diversify or die. This article discusses the argument for having diverse funding sources.

To sustain in the long-term community and voluntary organisations must take a business-minded approach to income generation.

Understanding Loans and How to Get Them

The following article outlines the process for community and voluntary organisations to understand the various loan finance options available for their organisation.

Social Finance Loans:

Types of Loans for Charities

This article provides a summary of the main types of loan finance available including term loans, leasing, bridging, working capital loan, overdraft nd factoring/discounting.

Term Loans

Fundraising by Trading Goods and Services

Community and voluntary organisations seeking more sustainable alternatives to grant funding often take the option of earning income by selling goods and/or services, bidding for contracts and making money from investments.

The best known form of trading for fundraising purposes is the charity shop; however, organisations trade in ever increasing areas and often compete with the private sector to market goods and services. Many organisations deliver services through Service Level Agreements or Contracts with the public sector - most typically in the field of Healthcare.

Direct Debits and Fundraising

This is a brief introduction to direct debits, which may be an effective way for your organisation to collect fundraising payments.

What is a Direct Debit?

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