Help with Fundraising

Charity Regulator's Guidelines on Fundraising

The Wheel, Ireland’s national association of charities, has welcomed the publication of the Charities Regulator’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public<

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Isn’t Raising Enough Money

The majority of nonprofits struggle to bring money in the door. And they often don’t know why.

Have You Thought of Everything? Check Out Our Fundraising Checklist...

Are you considering all the possible ways you can raise money for your cause or organisation?

Tips for Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

Getting your Board involved and engaged in fundraising for your organisation is an important - and potentially financially rewarding - resource that you cannot afford to ignore in these tough times

Fundraising Event Safety Risks

With all the detailed preparation that goes into running a successful fundraising event, it's very easy to overlook the most basic requirement of all - that you have a safety plan that will help yo

Tips for Fundraising Via Twitter

Social networking sites are opening new doors for nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

How to Recruit Fundraising Volunteers

The next time you are in charge of the team’s fundraising efforts, consider the following three tips for successful volunteer recruitment and retention.

Securing Corporate Sponsorship

If you are specifically trying to secure corporate sponsorship, then have a look at Ten Tips on Developi

While there are a lot of Irish companies that make their sponsorship/donation programmes public, there are many more who do not publish that information.

Tips for Fundraising Post-Event Success

Okay, so you've just staged a successful fundraising event and you're very pleased with the number of people that attended and contributed to it.
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