Fundraising from the Public

Fundraising from the General Public

Fundraising from the general public – that is, individuals as opposed to corporations, governmental bodies, philanthropic foundations, etc. – can be a substantial aspect of your organisation’s income, particularly as part of an annual-fund campaign. But are you doing all you can to tap this vital resource?

Regulation & Transparency in Fundraising

Mandatory Actions for Your Non-profit

  • Register in full with the Charities Regulatory Authority: under the Charity Act 2009, this is now a legal requireme

Using Infographics To Tell Your Fundraising Story

Most of us will by now have noticed those colourful and data-laden images floating around the internet, in which companies and organisations present all sorts of exciting statistics using bright an

Have You Thought of Everything? Check Out Our Fundraising Checklist...

Are you considering all the possible ways you can raise money for your cause or organisation?

How to Maximise Donations with a Giving Circle

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  - Margaret Mead

Fundraising Event Safety Risks

With all the detailed preparation that goes into running a successful fundraising event, it's very easy to overlook the most basic requirement of all - that you have a safety plan that will help yo

Tips for Fundraising Via Twitter

Social networking sites are opening new doors for nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

How to Tell Your Fundraising Story

So, you've agreed on a fundraising target and now you're ready to start preparing  your campaign.

How to Win Back Lapsed Donors

Definitions may differ, but for the sake or argument, lets define a lapsed donor as someone who has not donated to your organisation within the last year, two years or three years.

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