SPIRASI - United Nations Day in Support of Victims of Torture

SPIRASI is planning to mark the annual UN Day in support of Victims of Torture.

Domestic Abuse Helpline Faces Funding Pressures

Margaret Martin, director of Women's Aid, has said that vital services that help women who have been subjected to domestic abuse are now under severe financial pressure.

Support infrastructure for Charities and Social Enterprises

There is a need for an independent support infrastructure for charities and social enterprises.

The community and voluntary sector requires an infrastructure-of-support to provide training, advice, information, mentoring and support-services that address needs in the areas of:

Supports for the Sector

Ireland's charities and community and voluntary organisations require the same supports that are available to profit-making business if they are to thrive.

The Wheel

The Wheel is a national support and representative network for the Community and Voluntary Sector which works to strengthen organisations as well as the sectoral infrastructure and environment.

Information about your organisation / company: 

The Wheel, in its capacity as a resource centre, provides high quality support programmes to community and voluntary organisations. Our aim is to go forward with you to achieve the highest standards of practice and effectiveness.

The Wheel's vision is one of a society characterised by the active participation of people in communities all over Ireland who are connected to each other on a local and national level.
Our mission is to enable community and voluntary organisations achieve their maximum potential, increase benefit to the public and in the process create a better Ireland.

We provide a wide range of information, support services, advice and advocacy to individuals and organisations as we believe they are vital components for a cohesive and healthy society.

The Wheels runs national seminars and conferences on key developments and issues of future concern for community and voluntary organisations.

Training experience and qualifications: 

The Wheel is not a training provider per se. However it does facilitate training courses for its members and the wider Community & Voluntary Sector using third party training providers.

Contact Details

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48 Fleet Street
Dublin 2
Co. Dublin
01 454 8727
01 454 8649
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