The Wheel's Budget 2011 Response

The Irish community and voluntary sector is clearly facing an unprecedented challenge to its ability to continue delivering the services and supports that so many people across the country rely on.

Oireachtas Members Urged to Consider Budget Alternatives

Oireachtas Members Urged to Consider Budget Alternatives

The 17 member Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership (of which The Wheel is a member) briefed politicians in Dublinon Wednesday 6 October on how the Government can best develop an integrated national recovery strategy. The CV Pillar’s recommendations have already been presented to Government as a pre-budget submission.

Recession causes surge in helpline calls as families break up and lose jobs

The national Askonefamily helpline recorded a 24% increase in calls in 2009 as a direct result of the recession.

"Many lone parents got in touch with us as they lost their jobs and had to go on social welfare for the first time and they needed help navigating their way through the complex system."

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