Meet Your MEP Candidates and Help Shape Europe's Future - Kildare, 7 May

In a few weeks you will have the opportunity to cast your vote in the European Parliament Elections.

But do you know who you will be voting for? How will you decide?

Kildare Youth Services - Team Fitness Challenge

Thanks to the success of our Bootcamp challenge in 2011, this year KYS are
running a 'Team Fitness Challenge' so that everyone can get involved.

In aid of Kildare Youth Services, the challenge is open to anyone who likes the outdoors and wants a bit of fun and a chance to test their fitness.

Teams of 4 only, two challenges, one for regular fitness fanatics and one for
the newbies or those who like fitness but less intense!

€50 per team, on the Curragh of Kildare. Check out our facebook page     or

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