Department of CEGA: what's gone to where?

The Wheel

Since the formation of a new Government we know that the Department of Community Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs is to be broken up and its functions moved to a variety of other Departments.

The Wheel representing the sector: latest updates

The Wheel and our sixteen colleague organisations in the Community and Voluntary Pillar are continuing to work to protect vulnerable people, and the social infrastructure in place to support them,

The Sector and the Government

People come together to form community  voluntary organisations for a myriad or reasons - but often it's to solve a problem or address a situation that involves working in some sort of  p

The Towards 2016 Agreement

The Government accepts that additional supports will be required for charities to meet their obligations in the new regulatory environment...

The Towards 2016 Agreement and the development of the community and voluntary sector

The Charities Act

The Charities Act, enacted in February, 2009, represented a very significant milestone for community and voluntary activity in Ireland.

Financial Reporting by Charities

“It is most likely that this will require charities to disclose some additional information in relation to their charitable activities and their finances." 

Financial Reporting Standards for Charities – Current Requirements (June 2016)

All registered charities are required to complete an annual return to the CRA, by 10 months a

Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising

 ...a series of free resources that are designed to assist in the implementation of the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.

The Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising provides Irish charities with good practice standards for fundraising.

Tax and Charities

Where a charitable organisation wishes to apply for exemption, it must submit a completed application form, CHY 1.

The Charities Regulatory Authority is the agency that makes the determination if an organisation is a charity - please see our Charities

The Taskforce on Active Citizenship

The Taskforce conducted a nationwide consultation process to hear your views on what it means to be an active citizen in 21st century Ireland.

The Taskforce on Active Citizenship was established to advise the Government on the steps that could be taken to ensure that the wealth of civic spirit and active participation already present in I

The Wheel's View Of Active Citizenship and Community & Voluntary Organisations

Achieving social inclusion depends on our commitment to ensure that active citizenship embraces principles of community development.

Community and voluntary organisations play a vital part in the life of communities, enabling people to come together for their own purposes and take part in community activity by engaging in social

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