Fundraising Ireland

Celebration of the launch of the Fundraising Ireland Membership Programme

Fundraising Ireland

We are holding a drinks reception to celebrate the official launch of the brand new Fundraising Ireland membership offering, new website and the announcement of the newly elected Fundraising Ireland board members. 

This reception is a free celebration, but registration is necessary.  Sign up here!

Book your place now.

Celebration of Fundraising Ireland's new membership programme

Cost of Attending the International Fundraising Congress Cut by £65 Stg

Fundraising Ireland is delighted to announce that it has secured a reduction of £65 Stg in the price for the International Fundraising Conference (IFC) for members who wish to attend from Ireland. If you plan to attend the conference, all you need to do is refer to the fact that you are connected with Fundraising Ireland in your application form and you will be entitled to this reduction.

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