Irish Millennials prefer to give through events - Eventbrite study

Events are, by far, the most preferred way for Irish millennials to donate or to raise money for charity.

Breakthrough on Donations Tax Relief

Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, has announced that he intends to amend the existing tax relief for charitable donations in Budget 2013.

The government proposal involves:

Charity calls on Government to Facillitate ATM Donations

Friends of the Elderly has called on Government to allow donations through ATMs.

The Commitments 20th Reunion to Benefit Irish Cancer Society

It was 1991 when the film The Commitments burst onto our movie screens and into the hearts and s

Charity Develops Innovative Donation Model

A new Irish charity hopes to marry the internet’s ability to connect people half a world apart with a donation model that uses money they don’t even realise they have.
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